Silver Package

6 training sessions in-home

(Scheduled once a week)

1 on 1 In-Home Personalized and Professional Obedience Training


Training Fee: $575.00-$775.00

Training Fee Due on First Day of Training

Puppies and Adult Dog Package

1 on 1 In-Home Personalized and Professional Obedience Training is what most of our clients sign up for.

“Training done in the Dog’s world just makes sense.”

This Course is designed for both puppies and adult dogs. No dog is ever to old to learn new manners.

​Typically we start puppies in this course as young as 8 weeks of age.

​This is a 7 week course, meeting for training in your home, at a time and day that YOU are available. We work around your busy schedule.


This is an achieved results course, meaning typically we could be completed in 7 weeks, but if it took 8 weeks you would not be charged an additional training fee. Every dog and every dog owner may learn at a different pace.

This Course will consist of all of the Basic Commands:

  1. Sit
  2. Sit Stay
  3. Down
  4. Down Stay
  5. Standing Wait
  6. Loose Leash Walking
  7. Spot Command
  8. Reliable Automatic Recall

Also included with this package is commands for:

  1. Drop it
  2. Leave it
  3. Enough
  4. Off
  5. Pack Structure Training and Handling skills for you and your family.

Don’t put it off any longer. unwanted and undesired behaviors never grow out of a puppy, they only get worse.

On Command K-9 Academy trains dogs for the family

This Course is a great place to start for both puppies and adult dogs. All Breeds are accepted in all of our programs.