Family Dog Obedience Packages

Different dog breeds, age, temperament, personality, and history make a difference in how a dog is trained. You need a professional dog trainer with the wisdom and experience to see know how to deal with these different components and to see potential problems owners can miss.

It is never too early to start your dog’s training. Start when they are a puppy and you’ll prevent a lot of problems for even starting.

It’s also never too late to teach a new dog new tricks or how to better behave. You don’t have to live with bad dog manners. Let us help you to enjoy your well-mannered dog.

Speciality Packages

Pack Leadership
Combined Package

  • 14-week course in YOUR home
  • Establishing a clear line of communication between you and your dogs
  • Establishing rules and boundaries
  • The dos and the don’ts of Pack Leadership
  • Combining advanced obedience skills for your dog

Off The Grid
Training for Specific Behaviors

  • Available in one hour sessions
  • In our facility or your home
  • Should have prior basic obedience training
  • Need help with a specific behaviors or undesired behavior
  • For owners who don’t need a whole package
  • $110 per session