Pack Leadership Combined Package

Puppies and Adult Dogs (10 weeks of age and up)

14 in-home training sessions

*Includes a work-book with step by step instructions*

Training Fee: $1,800.00

Training Fee Due on the First Day of Training

On Command K-9 Academy's Premier Family Dog Training Package


The Ultimate Package

Rated 1st choice by our clients.

* Pack Structure Training is the most important thing that dog owners need to know.

* This course focuses on both the owner and their dogs.

* An established and stable pack structure is the key to your success.

* To get a dog to respect you, you must do more than just take care of it or attend an obedience training course.

* Even though we offer Obedience training courses exclusively, it is useless if you aim to teach your dog about pack structure. I am not saying that you forget about obedience training completely, but rather to combine the two, with Pack Structure Training being primary.

* This course is designed for both Puppies and Adult Dogs (10 weeks of age and up)

* This is an In-Home Training Course. We train both you and your dog in the dog’s world. THAT’S RIGHT, WE COME TO YOU.

* Students will receive a work-book that lays out step by step instructions for this course.

* This is a Knowledge and Skills based course.

*This course has been rated 1st choice by our clients because of it’s amazing results.

* Training is done Once-A-Week at a time and day that best fits your schedule.

* This is a 14-week course focused on establishing a clear line of communication between you and your dogs. Establishing rules and boundaries, The dos and the don’ts of Pack Leadership and combined advanced obedience skills for your dog.

** This is an Ultimate Package that just makes sense.

On Command K-9 Academy trains dogs for the family

This Course is a great place to start for both puppies and adult dogs. All Breeds are accepted in all of our programs.