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You Don’t Have to Live Like This! 

On Command K-9 Academy can help train your out of control dog.

We Can Help! 

  • Is your dog tugging the leash?
  • Taking food of the counter?
  • Getting into the trash?
  • Reacting badly to other dogs?
  • Barking?
  • Biting?
  • Chewing on things?

You don’t have to continue living with that bad behavior.

Our Family Dog Obedience Packages can teach you and your dog how to eliminate these behaviors. You and your dog will be much happier!

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Tim’s Dog Training Philosophy

My Name is Tim Franks, Owner of On Command K-9 Academy. 

As a fully certified Dog Trainer, I’ve been training Dogs since 1988.

​Over the years I have developed a training technique that is based upon the foundation of clear lines of communications between dogs and their pet parents.

 My training philosophy focuses as much on training the pet parent to become a dog’s leader, as much as it is focused on training the dog to respect the parent’s decisions and directions.

The relationship between a dog and its owner should never be based upon fear (punishment) of unwanted or undesired behavior, but based upon the ability of the dog’s owner to lead and communicate effectively of rules and boundaries that the dog is expected to follow.

Tim Franks of On Command K-9 Academy

Tim Franks,  33 years experience training dogs.

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Keys to Successful Dog Training

Every door or padlock has a perfectly notched key made for a successful entry.

Dog training is kind of like that perfectly notched key. Being a dog owner you must become that perfectly notched key for success with your dog.

You must be notched with:

  • consistency
  • confidence
  • calm
  • assertiveness
  • fairness
  • firmness
On Command K-9 Academy Keys to Success

If you are missing any of these five notches on your key when handling your dog, like the padlock, the key simply would not work because one or more of the notches were missing for everything to line up perfectly for success.

What we do

Our Services

Family Dog Obedience Training

Obedience Training is designed to help you the dog owner develop and maintain a pack leadership role establishing a clear line of communication between you and your dogs. The goal is to establish a well-mannered dog that is a joy for you and your family.

We have serval different packages available to fit your needs. Most of our packages include training in YOUR HOME where the dog lives.

Service and support Dog Training

A Service Dog is a dog that is specifically trained to perform a specific tasks for an individual who has a disability.

An Emotional Support dog is specially trained to go into School Districts, Medical and Dental Clinics, Funeral Homes, Long Term Care Facilities, Hospitals, and into many other facilities where a therapy dog could be beneficial.

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On Command K-9 Academy has moved from Joplin, MO to Grove, Oklahoma.
Now serving NW Arkansas, NE Oklahoma, SE Kansas, and SW Missouri.

Call Tim now at 918-791-0729

Foster a Dog

On Command K-9 is always looking for Foster Parents for their service dogs in training. Fostering gives you the opportunity to take part in the training and care of dogs who will go on to help their new service human. Fostering comes with plenty of doggy kisses and snuggles, but it also requires some work. Foster families are usually involved in training the puppies, from as young as six week of age up to anywhere between 12 and 18 months old.  On Command K-9 Academy will come to your location once a week at your convenience to work with you and the dog.

We currently need 4 foster homes.  The dogs are and extremely cute and smart!



Bailey - On Command K-9 Academy Foster Dog



Millie - On Command K-9 Academy Foster Dog



Bear - On Command K-9 Academy Foster Dog



Mickey - On Command K-9 Academy Foster Dog

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